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Lounge / Re: Need help with class trip
« on: October 11, 2011, 00:35 »
The Netherlands is made of concrete, with an occasional tree here and there and farm fields between cities... I don't think it's much fun to hike here, except maybe at the Veluwe (our one and only national park with greenish stuff and a few deers and boars :bingo:).

I was also thinking about a group social activity... but which? A treasure hunt sounds fun as well. (and it's cheap :hmmm:)

Lounge / Re: Need help with class trip
« on: October 10, 2011, 15:56 »
The weather: In general, it's best to assume it's raining. You'll be right 9 out of 10 times. The date isn't exact yet, but probably somewhere around spring.

About the students... I don't think there really is a common interest. We have quite a few science geeks, some sport fanatics, musicians, sport-haters, artists and everything in between. The ages vary quite a lot (16 to 20). Oh, and the boy-girl ratio is 4:1.

Lounge / Need help with class trip
« on: October 10, 2011, 11:04 »
Hi everyone, it's me. Thought you'd never see me again did you?

Well, I need some help, and figured I might as well involve as many people as possible with it. :=X:

So here goes: Me and a few other people are arranging a class trip this year and we're all supposed to think up some cool, original ideas. Trouble is, I'm not very cool or original when it comes to large group social activities, so I was wondering if I could borrow some originality here.

These are the 'rules':
- The trip is from approximately 9:00 to 15:00h.
- There are 25 students, ages ranging from 16-20.
- Funding: 5 Euros (=$6.80) per student (but the students can add their own contribution)
- The funding may increase to 20 Euros (=$27.18) if we can somehow relate it to something educative, especially considering teamworking/teambuilding/anything else team-related
- It has to be (available) in the Netherlands

General ideas are things like kart, barbecuing, bowling, the cinema... but I'm looking for something a bit more original.

Lounge / Re: Transcendence Family Tree! - New!
« on: April 27, 2011, 14:15 »
@icey: What exactly do you mean by "reserving" people? (...and do I want to know?)

Lounge / Re: Get Paid $__$
« on: April 26, 2011, 05:20 »
It sounds a bit fishy to me... If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Q. Will my affiliation with scanlation groups hurt me?
A. No. We are looking to recruit localizers, people who have skills and want to be part of our community. We are not concerned with whether or not you may have scanlated before, that is your business with what you do on your own time.

I guess that's good.

Q. What genres will be offered?
A. Currently we are planning to start off with mainly yaoi titles, but eventually we will add more mainstream genres like shoujo and shounen.

I'm out. I haven't lost my innocence yet.

How come they don't have a super duper editing process? Do they recieve awesome raws?

Q. What are the quality of the images that I will have to work on?
A. As this is still early, we cannot give a final answer. The quality will vary, it will be best to know how to both retouch and letter.

Many things are still vague, like what will be paid, how they're going to get paid and which publishers are involved. Many other standards still need to be decided on, so I guess it's best if we just wait until the first few volumes/series are published and the first 'localizers' are paid before considering joining. This should be around winter 2011/spring 2012.

I also wonder if you have to be a US resident, as it's an initiative from a Los Angeles publishing company, or if you need a credit card or digital identification etc. If you have to be from the US, many of us can't join anyway.

Source quotes:

Lounge / Re: Transcendence Family Tree! - New!
« on: April 23, 2011, 15:00 »
Newest Legend
-Removed golden line for Godparents
-Removed square brackets, except for [Godchild]
-Put in "Name Stalker" and "Name Stalkee" instead of just "[Name]" and [Name]"

Newest Tree
-Removed all other relations werr was somewhat forced into, except his marriage to Tammy and their child Dante. I decided I'd let werr be 'married' to Tammy, so he won't be bothered anymore... hopefully.
-Now fatherless, mangaluva and Kataki would be floating without any connections to the tree. However, I, out of the goodness of my heart, adopted them, or at least until they (want to) choose their own parents. Now I have 9 children, which is starting to get ridiculous.
-Removed all lines from Godparents
-Added Criss (retired) as my sister, or else she'd be floating without any connections to the tree. I don't think she'd mind.

Oh, BTW, when a proposal is refused, you end up divorced with them. It's a cheap trick to get as many staff members somewhat connected to the tree. The only exception is when the other also refuses to be divorced with you. If that's the case, they'd have to submit another place on the tree they want to be on, or say that they have moral/ethic reasons to not want to be on the tree at all (which they do not need to specify).

So, if I understood it right, the next update would include:
Lily -> Married to Vincent [children: Shiro and Ryu], affair with Sharwin [children: none/?]
Lily -> Divorced Vincen [children: Shiro and Ryu]t, married to Sharwin [children: none/?]
OR (If Sharwie refuses)
Lily -> Divorced Vincent [children: Shiro and Ryu], divorced Sharwin [children: none/?], and enjoying singlehood... for now.

Other possibilities (dating Sharwin, having an affair with Vincent and vice versa, stalking either one or both... etc.) are also an option.

Icey -> stalking Sharwin...

Lounge / Re: Transcendence Family Tree! - New!
« on: April 22, 2011, 16:16 »
@werr: Is it possible if I just leave it "werr+Tammy -> Dante"? (as that's what started this whole tree project...) If you don't want that, then I'll completely remove you from the tree. It's up to you. You don't have to be on it if you don't want to.

Lounge / Re: Transcendence Family Tree! - New!
« on: April 22, 2011, 14:21 »
Changes legend:

Changes tree:
-switched colors fictional/outsiders
-werr had(/...has?) an affair with "?", resulting in mangaluva and Kataki

It's gotten a little crooked with werr's triple timing and Catriona dating her nephew (which is okay because she's adopted), but it's still possible to find your way if you try hard enough...

I'm considered ditching the godparent lines (the golden ones), and just having the godparent relations symbolised in the name, like it is now: (godparent, [godchild]) without the lines. It might clear things up a bit.

What do you all think?

This will be all the changes for today. I think I'll just check weekly what you all came up with here, and try to get it all in.

Lounge / Re: Transcendence Family Tree! - New!
« on: April 22, 2011, 13:37 »
Forcing Lily to marry a certain 'Vincent Valentine'? Me likes it =P Joking, joking... *gets into bunker before she gets murdered*

Changes made:
-color outsiders=gold1
-color fictional people=lightblue1
(It's a little different then what you intended. I can also switch the colors, so Vinny becomes gold and Shiro blue if you prefer)

-changed "?" into Vincent Valentine
-gave outsiders and fictional people their respective colors.

New Legend
New Tree

Lounge / Re: Transcendence Family Tree! - New!
« on: April 22, 2011, 11:56 »
@mangaluva: I could move you if you want. You can choose to have Catriona or Tammy as your mother (and werr as father), a different mother (not related to werr - I'm trying to avoid incest) or a question mark. I'll add Kataki as your brother.

If you become werr's daughter, I'll be your great-grandmother. :bingo:

@Ryu: I've put you in as Lilly's daughter and a question mark for a father (for now...). I've also added Shiro. I haven't given 'outsiders' their own color yet, so you can choose from this list:

Newest tree

The next update will include: ('x' needs further specification, '?'s may be specified, but isn't absolutely neccessary)
Things in bold still need to be specified.

Father: werr
Mother: Catriona/Tammy/x/?
Siblings: Kataki (brother)

-'Outsiders' (Gackt and Shiro) will get their own color

Lounge / Re: Transcendence Family Tree! - New!
« on: April 22, 2011, 09:08 »
Newest Legend=

Changes made:
-I added the option "Dating"
-I changed the color or "Adopted" to a darker shade of green
-The pentagon shape now also represents "Happily both" instead of just "Unknown" as gender
-The little grey diamonds that symbolised marriage/relations have become a bit bigger and pink. There is also a number in it (on the legend represented by "n"), which refers to the amount of children resulting from that marriage.

Newest tree=
Changes made:
-Mister want has become Kiriane's ...something, and my and drex's sibling.
(Total Kirane's offspring= 2 daughters: Evory and drex, and 1 ...something: Mister Want)

-I added Mangaluva, Greta, Deathberry and Black Miserie as my daughters, and adopted Catriona
(Total Evory+Shiki offspring= 8 daughters: Catriona; Zain; Terra; Mangaluva; malsaneta; Greta; Deathberry and Black Miserie)

-Instead of a question mark, Blix is now married to Shrubbery
-Added Zephyr, riz-i, Lily, charmy and Animus as their children.
(Total Shrubbery+Blix offspring= 7 daughters: Tammy; Nozomi; Zephyr; riz-i; Lily; Charmy; Animus)

-werr and Tammy divorced
-werr and Catriona are dating
-They have two daughters: Saki and candyness.

Other options for werr+Catriona and werr+Tammy relationships:
-werr and Tammy are still married, werr and Catriona are having an affair;
-werr and Tammy are divorced, werr and Catriona are married;
-Saki and candyness are from an earlier marriage of Catriona, she and werr don't have children (yet);

-Saki was already Catriona's daughter, so she couldn't become her sister (=my daughter)
-Icewing was already Zain's daughter, so couldn't become Catriona's sister (=my daughter)
-werr was already Zain's son, so he couldn't become Catriona's (adopted) brother.
-While not on your list, I do recall  werr's proposal to my darling daughter Catriona, so I turned him into her boyfriend.

Lounge / Re: Transcendence Family Tree! - New!
« on: April 17, 2011, 09:46 »
If anyone feels up to making a clear list of who married who and the like since the last update, I'll make a nice shiny new tree.

Fanfiction / Re: Story from the Spam Page
« on: April 17, 2011, 07:17 »
Next part:


Behind the portrait of a grumpy looking Onion Head (who was called Grugru the Not-So-Smelly, and claimed to have slain a legendary Garlic Head), were some people. About five and a half per cubic meter, all of them female (or at least appeared to be).

Needless to say it was pretty cramped.

Why, you may be quite justified to wonder, where there so many people congregated in this small enclosure?

Let me give you a hint.

All of them were equipped with a camera, and wearing shirts and sweaters with the phrases "Dante for President Emperor Heir!" or "We love you Dante!" or "Bishie-ness is Might!" or something of a similar fashion that cannot be printed here because this story is PG-rated.

You might have guessed it by now. They were the D.F.F., Dante's Fearsome Fanclub.

They have always been present in the story, but this is the firs time Dante was slightly aware of their presence.

"Everyone please follow me as Dante is transported to the medical ward." A masked guide said. "Don't forget to pay the entrance fee, or you will be forcibly evicted form the palace. And keep in mind the once-in-a-lifetime discount! Instead of 50 transcendollars a picture, the 895th snapshot you make of Dante will be free! More disposable cameras are available..."

The masked guide continued on in this fashion, steadily robbing the crazed fangirls of their life-savings.

Life's good... The mysterious masked guide sighed happily. To keep a source of tension and an enigma in the plot, the identity of the mysterious masked guide will not be revealed for now, but random guesses or accusations from the readers aren't prohibited.


Back to the main plot.

"There is a plot?!" All the fangirls gasp. And probably most of the readers too.

"Yes. Somewhat." Your honorable writer replies. "Now shut up and pay attention."


Dante woke up a few hours later with a headache and still smelling strongly of rotten Apples. Sir Guiney took pity on him, and decided he could use a few days of rest...

Really great timing, Sir Guiney thought. I still need some time to think about what the fourth, and thus my final training task, will be...


"We refuse!"

The mob of Onion Heads had given the Royal Empress Zain a signed petition which stated the official refusal of the Onion Heads to do a certain something.

"Could you please summarize the main reason/reasons that you refuse to perform and/or execute certain aforementioned task and/or assignment and/or orders?"

"Fear of certain death."

"'Fear of certain death' has not been included on the list of legitimate reasons to refuse performing and/or executing said task and/or assignment and/or orders, for the certainty-rate of dying while performing and/or executing this task and/or assignment and/or orders has only been estimated at 98%, which is 22% lower then the legally required minimum certainty-rate of dying while performing and/or executing this task and/or assignment and/or orders for it to be used as a legitimate reason to refuse performing and/or executing said task and/or assignment and/or orders."

The Onion Head Union (a.k.a. 'Union Heads') couldn't think of another counter argument, and left the office, some of them crying miserably knowing they would soon get to see the underside of the grass in the Onion Head graveyard... if they were lucky, and their bodies found.

Zain took off the glasses she wore whenever she needed to be bureaucratic. A few minutes later, when her bureaucratic mood had somewhat subsided, she began to feel a little sorry for the doomed Onion Heads. But the job had to be done, and who else could do it besides the almost-criminally* under-paid and abused Onion Heads?

*If the Onion Heads were treated and this severely underpaid like this by anyone else, they would be committing a crime. However, being a Royal Empress has it advantages. Not to mention the fact that it is frowned upon for anyone else to employ an Onion Head in the Empire of Transcendence, so the Onion Heads have no choice but to find their luck at the Royal Palace, or suffer even worse fates abroad...

Suddenly inspiration hit her like a bolt of lightning. She quickly fixed her hair that was messed up by the static electricity, and registered the curious sensation of her burns healing before they were fully formed, ans resolutely walked out of the office...


What a beautiful day, no obligations, nice weather, Dante recovering so well in the hospital and it's cheese day in the cafeteria! Today can't get any better, Sir Guiney thought happily, but secretly hoped it somehow would anyway. Unfortunately for our giant Guinea-Pig, the day really couldn't get any better, so it's only option was to get worse, as the writer can't allow it to stay the same. If it did, this whole paragraph would be kind of a useless addition to the story, wouldn't it?

As Sir Guiney continued his stroll in ignorant bliss, Zain was secretly meeting up with the leader of the Union Heads, the Head Onion, explaining her idea. She didn't want Evory to find out she was helping the Onion Heads, for she knew Evory enjoyed seeing and making Onion Heads suffer. She had to make it look like he came up with it himself.

"So that's settled. In exchange for an eighty-nine percent pay-cut, will not have to perform this job."

"Please.. a seventy-five percent paycut, we've got young to feed..."

Such unreasonable beings. If they continued to be this selfish, they can forget their Christmas bonus!

"Eight-nine percent."

"...Alright then, but that's exclusive of the "special act" you've asked us to perform..."

Darn, that's the most important part! No choice...

"Eighty-eight and a half percent." Seeing the hesitant look on the Onion Heads face, she added: "And I'll throw in a toothbrush in addition to the Christmas toothpaste."

Wow, I'm feeling really generous today! It must be because the weather's so nice, or because I'm not wearing my bureaucratic glasses...

"Thank you so much!" The Onion Head was moved to tears.

After that, the contract was formed, where Zain managed to get the pay-cut up to a total of ninety-five point three percent due to administrative reasons, and the Union Heads specified that they wanted pink toothbrushes.


Sir Guiney, completely unaware, turned around a corner and suddenly his perfect day had become horrid, for a horribly offensive odor had filled his nostrils. He couldn't stop himself from retching, and he got to 'enjoy' the cheese-plate he had eaten earlier that day again. It wasn't nearly as enjoyable the second time.

Someone's going to pay for this! He thought while mourning the loss of the cheese-plate. From the corner of his eyes, he saw a little Onion Head sobbing while clutching that which distantly resembled a nose. Feeling his anger deflate slightly at the pitiful sight, he approached the little Onion Head.

"What's the matter, little Onion Head?"

"It smells... so bad... and tomorrow... tomorrow..." The tiny thing burst into tears again.

"There there, it's not like you ever need to come here."

It only sobbed harder. "To-to-tomorrow we have to go to the Source a-a-and clean it out! P-P-P-Papa and M-M-M-Momma an me and my s-s-siblings are all going to die!" It hid it's face into it's tiny hands in misery, sobbing harder than ever.

"The source? You mean... that place?!" "Sir Guiney exclaimed, shocked.

The Onion Head child was crying too hard to give any other reply than a nod.

"Unforgivable! Making a child go there! There must be something I can do, anything..."

And once again, despite the cloudless sky, lightning struck again, giving Sir Guiney an amazing idea.

"Fear not, small Onion! For I, Sir Guiney, have come up with a plan!"

He ran towards the Head Onion's den office, making a little detour to get the burns sustained by the lighting bolt healed by a clergy, and told the Head Onion what Dante's next task would be...

"I'll avenge thee, oh wonderful cheese-plate!" Sir Guiney shouted, and rushed to the hospital carrying the document with the details of the next task.

Fanfiction / Re: Story from the Spam Page
« on: March 12, 2011, 20:10 »
Ooooohh, I'm double posting, I'm so badass...

As promised, the end of the Apple arc. I already finished writing the next one, I just need to type it out.

Dante spend the next quarter of an hour convincing Sir Guiney his life hadn't been severely endangered. He reasoned with him that the old cleaning lady's behavior could only be explained by the presence of Apples of Gapples. Following that logic, it was obvious to assume an Onion Head had entered the bathroom and as all Onion Heads employed by the Empresses were male, the room couldn't be Secured.

Also judging by the cleaning lady's behavior, the room had been unsuitable for cleaning or using, so he couldn't be caught by someone currently present.

"But it was still reckless! Don't ever do that again!"

"But I have to! All the remaining Apples are definitely in the girl's bathrooms!"

"I still can't allow you..." Sir Guiney stammered.

"Excuse me young man, did you say you just entered the bathroom?" They heard a severe voice say. The old cleaning lady had returned.

"Dante! I told you you would be in trouble! Now I'm considered your accomplice!" Sir Guiney moaned. "I hope the courts will believe me when I say I tried to stop you! My retirement fund won't be able to cover the fine..."

The old cleaning lady was fuming with indignation. Seeing she was very likely to explode with anger soon which was likely to summon every guard in the castle, Dante quickly intervened.

"Wait! It's true I entered the girl's bathroom..." - this didn't really help against the fuming - "...but it's not like I used any of the toilets! I also made sure nobody was currently present in said bathroom, so I wouldn't disturb any lady currently... uh... relieving herself."

Common sense slowly made her understand Dante hadn't committed an unforgivable crime. "I will let you slide by this time, but if I ever catch you near a Lady's room again..."

"Wait wise lady, I need your help!" Dante had been struck by a sudden inspiration.. "I have to be able to enter every girl's bathroom in the palace. Let me explain!" he cried when the cleaning lady showed symptoms of exploding again. "I have to collect these Apples, and I'm sure they can be found in the Lady's rooms! I already collected seven of them in this bathroom, see?" And he held out the Apples.

"So you only want... to collect these Apples...?" Slowly a mischievous smile appeared. "Let's make a deal, shall we?"


What have I gotten myself into? Dante wondered. The deal was simple. He had to give her one Apple which would be returned to him when he had fulfilled his end of the deal, which consisted of also taking the Gapples with him.

It seemed fair enough, for the Gapples had almost completely blocked access to the bathrooms. But he hadn't anticipated he would have to carry all the Gapples to the Onion Head too! Any one who has ever had their arms full of any kind of Golden Apples knows that stuff is heavy. And the Onion Head-Headquarters was on the other side of the grounds

"Is it me, or are the number of Gapples increasing?" Dante asked to no-one in particular.

"That may very well be true," the annoying Onion Head replied absentmindedly while updating Dante's Gapple/Apple statistics. "Spontaneous increase in numbers is one of the Gapples key features." He looked at his clipboard. "You have been searching for twelve hours, forty-two minutes and sixteen seconds. You have collected 499 Apples. You have eleven hours, seventeen minutes and forty seconds left. And also -" the Onion Head eyes glinted mischievously - "you have collected 653 Gapples."

Only one Apple left! Which was in the hands of a cleaning lady who won't give it back to me if I don't clear all the girl's bathrooms of Gapples! Knowing the number of restrooms in the palace, he began to feel a little faint...

"Don't give up Dante! You're almost there!"

Sir Guiney was right of course, what was he thinking, almost collapsing in the hallway when he was so close to victory? He had plenty of time left, he could do this! He was almost half-way of becoming the Heir of the Empire!

With a maniac glint in his eyes, he spurted back to the cleaning lacy, forgetting the weight of the Gapples, forgetting he had plenty of time, his eyes fixed only on his future glory that lay within his grasp...


"You have been searching for exactly thirteen hours, zero minutes and zero seconds. You have collected 500 Apples - and 998 Gapples - thereby completing the third task."

Dante, disheveled and smelling strongly of rotten Apples, cheered alongside Sir Guiney, and somehow still managing to do so in a dignified manner.

"Yes, very well done Dante Tammyson, very well done indeed. You are considered a worthy Heir by my race, for you posses bravery, strength, stamina and the will to never give up! Thereby, I proudly bestow upon thee..."

"As long as it isn't something gold colored and Apple shaped it's fine by me" Dante said exasperated. He might have nightmares about Gapples for the res of his life.

"Uhm.. here have a clover." the Onion Head said, quickly picking a common four-leaf clover, while stuffing away what he had meant to give (the Great Golden Apple of Great Leadership, which would empower him with his own legion of Onion Head minions). He grinned sheepishly at Dante, holding out the random clover.

"Uhm... Thanks?"

"You're welcome my good man, that's a very special clover indeed - It's a lucky charm!" The Onion Head made up on the spot.

"Lucky charm?"


"Oh. That makes sense, if you think about it."

Surely you don't have to think about it, it's obvious right? Sir Guiney thought. Then he saw Dante was standing rather unstable.

"Dante! Are you okay?!"

But Dante barely heard him. Fatigued with the task, he fainted... gracefully. The last thing he was aware of, was the clicking of a camera...

And another cliffhanger because I'm being annoying.

edit: I think I'm going to do weekly/biweekly/monthly updates, so you can look forward to that *skip

Lounge / Re: Transcendence Family Tree! - New!
« on: February 23, 2011, 16:16 »
Did someone say my name?

Nah, must have been my imagination.

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