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Lifestyle / Singing Higher
« on: May 10, 2011, 23:43 »
I'm pretty sure that there were some of you that sing in here...or at the very least may know because of playing an instrument. Anyway, I'm taking this vocal class. I normally sing in a lower register. My professor asked me to sing in a higher register, to try it out and for a challenge. Well, it's a challenge all right. It's a bit difficult for me to reach the higher notes. So, I was wondering if anyone had any tip on how to extend my range a little bit or steps I could take to expand it some more. Just so you know, right now, I can reach up to the C above middle C--the octave. I need to reach four more keys up to F. Thanks.

Artist's Showcase / Mister Want's Attempts
« on: December 23, 2010, 21:56 »
I doodle a lot, but I do draw some of the times. Though, I'm really better at writing. I also have an account on deviantart. But I don't upload that many drawings. I usually use pencil and color pencils. And on the back of scratch paper. On the computer--eh, I've gotten better with coloring on the computer, but it takes too much effort using a mouse.

Anyway, here's something I drew last night. I was too lazy to color seriously. This is actually one of my better attempts.

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