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Homework / Confusing Assignment
« on: February 11, 2014, 19:07 »
Can someone explain what I am suppose to be do for the assignment below? I have read it 5 times already and I get more confused. oh the links do not work just aheads up

Assignment Requirements

  IEP Project : The IEP Project must be an analysis of the policies, procedures, and forms informing the provision of special education services in North Carolina. This project will compare and contrast the requirements of North Carolina in comparison with the requirements of IDEA legislation. The analysis will examine policies, procedures and forms that: 1) support family involvement, 2) support appropriate identification, including issues of child find and disproportionality, 3) support the provision of appropriate services, and 4) monitor effectiveness. Each of the sections will include an explanation of the requirements for compliance. Candidates will support their analysis with appropriate and sufficient current research.

* Although the title says project it is actually a paper  (compare and contrast) that must be written in APA format.  You should not exceed 10 pages including your title page, abstract and references.  You should visit the following website for specifics on how use APA formatting:

*There is a rubric for this assignment located under course information.  This is the exact same document I will use to grade your paper.  Please be sure to include every aspect listed on the left side of the rubric in your paper.

* You may use internet sources as you try to learn about IDEA requirements and you should definitely use the following at NCDPI as a source

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (2007). Policies Governing Services for Children with Disabilities: November 2007. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. This document available electronically at:

Fanfiction / Preface
« on: December 19, 2013, 02:05 »
Here is the preface of my book that I am working on tell me what you think and if they is any grammar mistakes.


   We live our lives’ not knowing our destiny or our meaning in life until Fate decided to make a visit to us. Fate always shows us what is meant to be or what is going to happen. Sometimes we can change things, because the future is always changing never set in stone. But the past is different, we are not suppose to drag up the past or steadily talk about it. People say we should not live in the past, but we should learn from our past mistakes. What if we can learn from all the mistakes that we have ever done? I mean what if we could see, feel, live, learn from our past lives. We all are supposedly lived many life times, being reincarnated time and time again. Many people do not believe in this, I did not believe in this until a few months ago. I have been through a lot of things these last couple of months to make me believe in reincarnation. I was a blonde hair and blue-green eyes normal teen in a small town and then I fell asleep and my whole world and life was turned upside down.

Lifestyle / Self Publishing, Book Printing, and Publishing Online
« on: December 03, 2013, 22:51 »
Has anyone use

Someone told me to use this website to get my poems, short stores, and writings published.

Homework / Final exam for Intro. to Reading class
« on: December 03, 2013, 16:00 »
can someone explains this final exam to me? I am really confused by what i am suppose to be doing.

Final Exam
 Reading and Assignments
Read Chapter 7 Sousa – Putting It All Together

Due Dec. 6 midnight

100 points

Your final assignment for EDUC 250 is to explain: How the Brain Learns to Read?  Include the 5 components of Reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary). See the rubric for grading details. Create a Smore, Glogster or a Powerpoint worth 100 points. A Smore is a flyer you create using the Internet at A glogster is a poster that you can create using the Internet. It is really fun to make and has really colorful graphics. You can even add you voice and videos from YouTube. To create a glog go to or to create a smore go to You can view my glog and smore that I created by coping and pasting the following link in your browser.

Note: To create a smore or gloster you have to register for an account. However, it is FREE. They do have an upgraded version that you can purchase, but that is not necessary. The free account will meet your needs. All you have to do is provide your ECSU email or personal email account.

This entire semester has been devoted to learning how children learn to read. So use the Sousa text to guide your work. Begin with what you have learned this semester; learning to read starts with the spoken language and end with comprehension.

Follow the process from start (spoken word) to comprehension. Please incorporate the alphabetic principle, the five components of reading, syntax, working memory, long term memory, and semantics.  Do not include technical terms such as Wernicke's area, Broca's area, and lobes of the brain.

The final is simple assignment, don't make it harder than it is. Use the attached rubric to assist you in developing the assignment. Your assignment is to explain how children learn to read.

You need to post the link to your glog, smore or the attachment of your Powerpoint by Dec 6. If using smore or glogster, copy and paste your link to a word documents and upload the document to bb.

Good luck and have fun constructing your own knowledge!

Fanfiction / "The Missing Piece"- Poem
« on: July 18, 2013, 00:43 »
Here is a poem Scotty and me wrote in about 30 minutes. Tell us what u think please!

“The Missing Piece”
I was yet a child,
In a man’s world fighting to do what I needed to do
Yet there was something missing in my life that I wanted to find.
There was a hole unfilled,
A missing puzzle piece.
I need to find this to be whole,
To feel like my life is completed.

As I grew up something I noticed,
I got looks from classier people than me.
Like I was nothing,
But dirt to them,
And yet they didn’t look happy themselves.

Time passed as I looked at things,
And at people that was stuck,
Stuck at a dead end jobs.
Then I realized what was missing was my dreams,
My dreams coming true.

Dreams of have a job I love,
Having a loving family,
A wife I love to death,
Having as many children as she wants,
Living in a Southern Victorian house,
With a wraparound porch,
And a white picket fences in the background,
With our dogs,
And other animals we might want.
These are my dreams,
This is what I want,
And no one can take this from me now.

Fanfiction / "A Puppet"- Poem
« on: June 07, 2013, 01:15 »
I wrote this poem tonight to get all my emotions all b/c i was told that if you show your emotions on your face them you are weak, so i show my emotions though my words. Sorry Vaux, if there is any typos or gammar mistakes.

“A Puppet”
My life is a nightmare that repeats every day.
I know it by heart now.
What is happening now,
And what is going to happen.
You would think that since I know this,
That I would not be surprised,
Or scared when something happens.
But somehow I do not seems to hold back my emotions,
And I get catch up in it,
Then I do not have control over what I do.

I am a puppet in my life,
Everyone controlling me,
And I do not have any say so in it.
I do what I am told,
And I am the perfect daughter everybody wished they had.
But now it is different
I am tired of being the perfect daughter,
The good girl who never gets in trouble.
I want to control my life now,
And I want to be a bad girl every once in a while.
I am just tired of being a puppet,
Just this once I want to be the puppet master.

Fanfiction / Poem
« on: May 20, 2013, 00:16 »
This poem is how I feel right now :(   Sorry for the gammar mistakes I wrote this in 10 minutes so there probably is a couple of them.

A tear falls,
And makes a trail.
I hope that he will come,
And comfort me.
But there is no one there,
And that makes me cry even harder.
Even though, that is the only thing I want,
At times like these.
I want those touches,
So I know he cares,
And that he loves me.
I want him to catch my tears,
Before they fall off my face,
To give me a hug,
To whisper in my ear that everything is going to be alright,
To hold me,
To cuddle with me,
Until everything is better.
I want to touch him,
To let him know these things too.
When he touches my face to catch the tears,
And I let out a breathe,
Because he cares and loves me,
And I know he is the only one,
The one for me.
When he gives me a hug,
I lean in to his strength,
And hope some will rub off on me,
But it might not.
Even though, his words and his hold help strengthen me.
When he cuddles with me,
I get close to him,
So we do not know where our own body’s beginning,
Or end.
To see our love there in the purest way.

Fanfiction / A Poem
« on: May 10, 2013, 01:54 »
This is a poem that I wrote yesterday in my free time. Tell me what you think.

“My World”
Everybody’s world is different,
That is what makes us unique.
My world is different than what it used to be,
My world use to look like something that came out of a fairytale.
There was a big green grass hill with a castle at the top.
There was a small town around the castle,
There were wild horses,
And wild flowers everywhere.
At the top chamber of the castle you could see the ocean,
And the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
Oh my world was so beautiful and perfect to me.

My world does not look like this anymore.
A horrible thing happen to my world,
A War,
A terrible surprising war,
And my world did not have enough time to plan a way to protect itself.
So, my world looks a lot different now,
The hill is just dirt now,
The grass is all gone,
And the wild flowers too.
What horses that did not die ran away,
And so did the people.
There is no town anymore,
Just a big pile of burned up wood in its place.
The castle is destroy all of it,
Expect for the bottom floor,
And has the smoke and clouds clear,
I realize that I am the only one left.

I am the only one that is going to put this place back the way it was,
Down to every last brick, flower, horse, and person.
As I make up my mind it gets really quiet,
The wind blows,
And the sun starts to come out,
Then I hear footsteps coming towards me.
Someone else is here,
And as they come closer,
I know that they are going to help me build my world back to the way it was before the war.

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