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Author Topic: Renny's Story  (Read 690 times)

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Renny's Story
« on: May 10, 2011, 10:09 »
So here is a chapter of a story im writeing... (Im seeing if it gets some replys)

Chapter 1
The Decision

It was a cloudy day and there was a cool breeze. Jessica watched some leaves scatter in the wind as she was waiting for her friends in the door of the cafeteria. Jessica had long black hair and dark blue eyes, that when she was happy looked greenish. She was thinking of her father who died a few years earlier. She did not notice a blond girl approaching until she stood before her.
“Sica, you better keep your paws off of that new boy you will have trouble with me” the girl said
“Why would I want him, he’s hideous” Jessica told her
“Oh please every girl in the school thinks he’s cute”
“Then I am not a girl”
“Or maybe you are not human, ha ha”

The conversation continued and Jessica was getting very irritated. Nearly everyone in the school knew that it was dangerous to irritate her, since she had a very short temper. When she did loose her temper she could get very violent. The blond girl was new so she did not know and was having her fun irritating Jessica. Jessica balled up her fists ready to bunch the girl. Some boys who had been in a fist fight with her walked past the girl and told her to stop it. Because the girl did not know Jessica or the boys she did not heed their warning but continued thinking she could best Jessica in the argument. All of a sudden Jessica lost her temper and punched the girl squarely on the chin. The punch knocked the girl to the floor and caused her nose to start to bleed.

The new boy who the girl had spoken of saw the girl fall ran to the girl. When he saw that she was unconscious he stood up and intended to punch Jessica but only managed to punch the wall since Jessica dodged. She kicked the boy in the side which knocked him to the ground and left him gasping for breath.

Just then Jessica’s friends Mellissa and Tami came though the door. They dragged a very irritated Jessica away from the fight. As they took Jessica away from the fight they bumped into the principal, who looked at the situation carefully. He noted the unconscious girl and the angry boy. The principal shook his head since it had been Jessica’s seventh fight that week and it was only Wednesday.

“Names please,” the principal said looking at the boy
“Garth Hazen, and that is Mary Maroc” the boy said still out of breath
The principal pointed to a boy watching “Call the nurse, tell her a girl has been knocked out and has a bleeding nose”
“Yes Sir” the boy said and left to find the nurse
“What happened” the principal asked Garth
“I don’t rightly know only that that girl punched my girl friend with out a reason and I wanted to get her back she kicked me on the side of my stomach” Garth said pointing to Jessica
“Not really her fault, I think it is your girl friends fault” on the boys who was watching said
“She did nothing!” Garth said
“well, then you would say it is her fault that I irritated her to the point of her punching me in my face, aye then it is her fault, Pah!” the boy said shaking his head and then walked away

Just then the nurse came. She knelt next to Mary to check her. She then waved to some boys to help her carry Mary to the sick room. She also told Garth to follow her. As she left the cafeteria the social worker entered.

“Jessica Fairla, what did you this time?” the social worker asked
“I hit the girl and kicked the boy” Jessica said
“What shall we do with you?”
“You decide”
“You always say that”
“Jessica you can go to your classes but I want to see you and your mother this afternoon in my office” having said that the principal tuned and walked out of the door


During the rest of the day it started to rain and it was still raining after school. Jessica had to wait for her mother and then had had to convince her to come and see the principal. It had never worked and Jessica doubted it would work this time. Jessica stood waited by the gate in the pouring rain. She stood there for more than two hours before she could get her mother on the phone. She told her mother that she needed to be fetched from school since she had sprained her ankle and would not be able to walk home. As soon as she was off of the phone she noticed that the principal was walking towards her. He did not speak and Jessica did not talk either.

Five minutes later Jessica’s mother came and parked the car as she saw the principal. She got out of the car and opened her umbrella. She walked over to Jessica and the principal careful not slip.

“Good afternoon Mr Henderson” Mrs Fairla greeted the principal
“Good Afternoon Mrs Fairla, I would like to talk to you about your daughter”
“Does it have to be now I am really in rush”
“I believe it has to be, I will phone your employer and tell him where you are and why”
“Alright I’ll talk to you but it better be quick”
“Right follow me”

The principal led Jessica and her mother to his office and then told Jessica to sit out side of the office till he called her. Jessica sat down on a wooden bench to wait while her mother and the principal talked. After five minutes of waiting Jessica took out her homework to do while she waited. As soon as she had done all the homework she could with out her computer she looked at her watch. She had been waiting two hours and wondered how long she would have to wait. She walked around for awhile before stopping before the window to watch the rain.

It was a little past ten o clock when the principal and Mrs Fairla came out of the office. Mrs Fairla crying and the principal had a relieved face. Jessica was curious what had taken them about to discuss that would concern her and her fights at school. Mrs Fairla walked over to Jessica and led her by the shoulder to the door and out of the school grounds. She did not even bother with an umbrella. Jessica opened the door of the BMW and climbed in. The drive back home was quiet as Jessica did not ask what had happened and Mrs Fairla did not offer and information.

The week went past with out further incidents. Everyone stayed away from Jessica. Mrs Fairla was in a dull mood and so was Jessica. Mellissa and Tami did their best to cheer Jessica up but nothing worked.

That Friday the three girls sat in the cafeteria, Mellissa gave Jessica and Tami each an envelope. Jessica opened the envelope and read the invitation silently and then put it in her bag. Tami was excited and talked about how she would convince her mother to let her go. Just then Mary and Garth came and stood before Jessica.

“Why are you still in this school?” Garth asked
“Because I am and because my mother has not told me what she was going to do with me” Jessica said
“Oh well I hope you disappear off the face of the earth” Mary said
“Now why should I want to do that, I would be doing something you would like”


Later that evening when Mrs Fairla came home she saw did not see Jessica in front of the TV and was worried. On the table lay an envelope which was addresses to Jessica. Mrs Fairla knew it was an invitation so she put her purse down and opened the envelope. It was an invitation to a fancy dress/ slumber party. She looked at the date and saw that the party was the next Friday. Mrs Fairla sighed and began warming up some pre-bought pasta. She called Jessica to get her supper and then sat down to eat in front of the television. Jessica took her plate and sat down as well.

“Jessica I have made a hard decision but I think it will work out for the best”
“What is that?”
“I will be sending you to live with your uncle in Colorado. I think the farm air will be good for you”
“I don’t think so, I hate their family. They think they are better than me because they are Christians”
“You need a new start and new people around you and nothing that reminds you of your father”
“That is what you think, I want to stay here and I don’t want to be out on a farm”
“Sweet, it will be for the best of all, you are getting into more fights every week”
“This week I only had eight fights. Last week I was in thirteen fights”
“The fights also get worse”
“That is not my fault they irritate me”
“You must learn how to control your temper!”
“No thank you, I don’t want to be changed

Jessica stormed out of the house and out of the yard. She roamed about the streets kicking angrily at loose stones on the road. She did not see any people since it was very late. She wondered around for another hour till she decided to go home.


On Monday Mellissa and Tami were talking at a table in the cafeteria waiting for Jessica to join them. Jessica came but did not stay long. She said she would come to the party on Friday and then left saying she had stuff to do. The two friends were worried about her.

Later that day Jessica was it a fight with senior boy who had irritated her by asking her for a date. He had tried begging her and instead of getting a yes he got a fist in his face. The surprised boy hit back. Likely for both of them the fight was after school so they could not get punished. It was the longest fight Jessica was ever in. the boy was strong and a good fighter. Jessica had the advantage of being faster and more agile that her opponent. Jessica got a black eye and many bruises on her arm. The boy had a bleeding nose, a black eye, a cut on his lip and several more buses on his arms and legs. The fight ended when some of the other senior boys kept Jessica and her opponent apart for awhile. Jessica shock herself loose from the boy holding walked off leaving the boys behind. As soon as she was out of sight she started to run home.

On Tuesday argument with all her teachers and was more agitated more than usual and got into a fight every time she changed classes and into a fight during break just outside the cafeteria. Mellissa and Tami watched helplessly. The teachers complained to the principal who knew that Jessica would do worse if he expelled her but the fights she was getting into were getting worse. Jessica was slipping into a black mood.

On Wednesday it was worse; she did not only get into argument with the teachers but actually bunched her history teacher and kicked her music teacher. After getting into ten fights she spent the rest her three periods in the principal’s office where he tried to contact her mother but did not manage. Just before she would be allowed to go home she heard the social worker telling the principal that Jessica should be put in a school for insane children who also had trouble controlling their temper. The principal said that would be a bad idea and that they rather find out why she was so agitated.

On Thursday Mrs Fairla kept Jessica home and when she came back she found that a lot of the glasses and some plates were broken and Jessica was nowhere to be found. Mrs Fairla sat down in the midst of the mess and burst out into tears.

Later that evening when Mrs Fairla went to Jessica’s room she found it in the same mess as the living room, kitchen, entrance hall, bathroom and the guest room. She found that everything that Jessica’s father had given her was gone. Mrs Fairla went up stairs to a room she had not been in for four years. The room was not messed up and she found that the porcelain doll that was always on the bed was also gone. She knew that Jessica had taken all the stuff that was missing.

On Friday Mrs Fairla phoned the school to say that Jessica was missing. The school then told her that Jessica had arrived at school and that she was seemingly calmer than on Wednesday. Mellissa and Tami took careful guard of Jessica. That day passed without incident and after school Jessica went with Tami and Mellissa to Mellissa’s house.

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