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Author Topic: Re-translation of Byakku Ibun in Filipino  (Read 811 times)

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Re-translation of Byakku Ibun in Filipino
« on: March 06, 2015, 16:45 »
Good day Transcendence Staff!  :hi:

Michze90s here and like I said last time, am really want your permission to re-translate the said title and to use your scans as well. Byakko Ibun, that is. I am a solo admin who currently runs Filmanga Scanlation ( ) and am doing all the stuff by myself. I had been working on two titles and am wishing to include Byakko Ibun in my projects, too.

Actually, I am done with the translation and is ready for typesetting anytime. I was convinced you guys gave me the consent. Unfortunately, Roze-san posted in the chatboard saying that someone has already been given for re-translating it in Filipino which is kind of frustrating in my part.  :crywithno:

Nweiz, I cannot force you guys to have a change of heart and let me have the re-translation rights. After all, that's your prerogative. But just wanna know which Filipino scanlation group you guys gave permission to.


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